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You May Need Litigation Support If You Have Experienced…

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September 24, 2019
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You May Need Litigation Support If You Have Experienced…

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In a world where litigation happens over everything, even a spilled cup of hot coffee, you must be strategic in order to achieve the best result in the courtroom. Whether as an expert witness or a forensic accountant, Fricke & Associates, P.C. can help support you in the courtroom. Litigation support services are usually provided to law firms on behalf of their clients. CPAs are specifically skilled at investigative work and can easily interpret, analyze, and evaluate evidential material for court proceedings. The following scenarios are just a few examples where you may benefit from litigation support from the team at Fricke & Associates, P.C.

  • Divorce Settlements—If you are in the midst of a challenging divorce, you may need documentation to accurately portray your assets, your company, and your future assets so your settlement will be appropriate. In the event that you are the spouse trying to ensure fair compensation for yourself, our experience and expertise will be similarly helpful.
  • Lost Wage Claims—If you have been in an accident and unable to work, you could require documentation to prove the wages you should be compensated for. We can provide the financial expertise necessary to achieve your deserved outcome.
  • Contract Disputes—When there is a contract dispute, our team can provide the financial support to ensure that your interests are protected. Fricke & Associates, P.C. can help with documentation as well as act as an expert witness in the court proceeding.
  • Fraudulent Transfers—If your company has had money transferred by a dishonest office manager, we can conduct a thorough analysis of your financial logistics and provide reports which can be utilized as evidence in court. Additionally, we can be called as an expert witness to communicate our findings.

If you find yourself in one of these scenarios or any other litigation, the team at Fricke & Associates, P.C. are happy to help you achieve the best result. Contact us today to learn more about our forensic accounting and litigation support services!