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ClientLine Quarterly Newsletter

HMC provides ClientLine, a quarterly newsletter to help our clients keep up with the latest news that impact them and their businesses. From recent state and federal legislation to tax code changes to general accounting practices, tips, and advice, each issue offers something for everyone.

June, 2017: Best Practices for Running the Family Business – How hard can it be to run a family business?  It should be easy since presumably all the key people are on the same page and they all share the same goals.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  Running a family business is anything but easy when what’s good for the business is different from what’s good for the family.  Download 

September, 2016: New Overtime Rule – A recently issued final rule from the U.S. Department of Labor increases the salary threshold under which most salaried workers are eligible for overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week. The rule will take affect on December 1, 2016. Download

June, 2016: Midyear Tax Strategies – The midpoint of the year is a good time to look for ways to defer, manage, and reduce the income taxes you pay. Last year’s federal income-tax return can serve as a starting point for identifying areas where you may be able to lower you 2016 taxes. Download

April, 2016: Tax Breaks Restored – Individual and business taxpayers can benefit from a variety of federal tax breaks that were extended or made permanent by the Protecting America from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016. Download

December, 2015: Charting Your Financial Progress – How are you doing financially? Are you getting ahead, treading water, or falling behind? The end of the year is a good time to review your financial picture and identify changes you may want to make going forward. Download

September, 2015: How to Prevent Tax Losses from Washing Away –You sold one of your stock investments at a profit, so now you’ll have to report a capital gain on this year’s income tax return. Since another stock you own has been losing ground lately, you’re thinking of selling it to claim a capital loss on your return to offset your gain. Is this the right plan? Download

June, 2015: Shop Around for Tax Breaks on College Expenses –Until you have a child applying for or attending college, the high costs may not seem real. That changes quickly when paying for college becomes personal. But there are some tax breaks that can help. Download

April, 2015: Minimizing the Tax Bite on Your Investments –When you invest, your main focus should be on achieving your financial goals, not avoiding taxes. That said, if an investment decision causes your tax bill to go up, it will take you longer to achieve your goal. So what should you do? Be aware of the impact taxes can have. Download

December, 2014: Helpful Hints for Both Your Lives –You may try to keep your personal life and your business life separate, but they’re bound to overlap, sometimes in surprising ways. Case in point: Two basic principles for managing your personal finances also apply to managing your business. Download

September, 2014: Make a Move, Score a Tax Break –Everybody likes tax breaks—and for many taxpayers, the break they get on the gain from selling a home is one of the most valuable. If you’re thinking the time is right to put your house on the market and it has appreciated in value, make sure your gain will qualify for the home-sale gain exclusion before you make your move. Download