IRS Representation Service Atlanta, Marietta & Peachtree Corners, GA

Representation Before Taxing Authorities


Because of our years of experience dealing with taxing authorities, we have achieved a level of competence that ensures our clients that they are being expertly represented before the various federal and state tax agencies.

Since many of you operate your business as a pass through entity such as a Partnership, Subchapter S Corporation, or a Schedule C Proprietorship, delinquent business tax returns will also affect your personal tax returns and the IRS will hold you personally responsible for delinquent taxes. Once you are contacted by the IRS or other tax authority we step forward in your place to protect your interests and solve all issues in the most satisfactory manner possible. We answer tax notices, represent tax payers and resolve tax audits, file delinquent tax returns and work out payment arrangements for prior delinquencies.

We have resolved hundreds of tax matters for clients which resulted from audits and examinations of tax returns and financial records by the IRS and state departments of revenue. Recent examples include:

  • Resolution through the IRS Appeals Office of a $2 million tax liability resulting from the IRS auditors over valuation of a manufacturing company’s inventory value.
  • Resolution of an individual tax liability of over $13,000 dollars that resulted from identity theft and submission of fraudulent tax returns.
  • Resolution through the IRS Appeals Office of over a $1 million payroll tax and benefits liability resulting from the IRS misclassification of subcontractors as employees for an employees leasing company.
  • Resolution of a $500 thousand tax liability based upon the IRS assumption of under reporting of income by a chain of convenience stores.
  • Resolution of over a $300 thousand tax liability based upon an audit of sales tax returns by the Department of Revenue.