Accounting Services for Filmmakers and Production Companies

Accounting Services for Filmmakers and Production Companies

Georgia is now known as the Hollywood of the South. The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, which provides a tax credit of up to 30% for qualifying productions, has helped grow the film making industry in the region. This tax opportunity cuts costs dramatically, making Georgia an attractive place to produce movies, television shows, commercials, and other content.

At Fricke CPAs, we work closely with both independent filmmakers and major production companies. We help our clients in the film industry obtain the full benefits of the Georgia Film Tax Credit by making sure they meet all the needed requirements and maintain all the proper documentation.

We Understand Your Business

We work with a large variety of professionals in the entertainment industry – from independent contractors to well-established companies with multi-faceted operations. Our team provides comprehensive business services for the film industry. We will help you set up your business structure from the start of your project. Throughout production, we will provide support with budget analysis, compliance and auditing.

We Support All Media & Entertainment Professionals

  • Entertainment Contractors
  • Individual Talent
  • Film Production Companies
  • Film Distribution Companies
  • Digital Entertainment Agencies
  • Post-production & Editing Facilities
  • Animation Companies
  • Television Broadcasters
  • Talent Agencies & Casting Companies

Working with a professional accounting firm will help guarantee financial consistency and compliance for your project, while ensuring that you meet the needed requirements for the film industry tax credit. Contact Fricke CPAs today to learn more about our services for filmmakers and production companies.